Car Financing with a Divorce

Rods All Star Auto has the knowledge and ability to provide easy car financing with a divorce. If the closed divorce was handled well overall, then there really should not be a problem. However, a divorce has the potential to affect credit. Therefore it should be considered carefully, especially if the divorce is not final and current car financing with a divorce is part of the situation.

Divorce is a rather unfortunate situation. It can become even worse when considering not only the bitter sweet marital assets, but also the debt integrated debt. If you currently have a car loan from a previous marriage, then that could still be a factor despite any agreements made in the divorce. However, if a divorce hurts your credit score, that does not mean you cannot get financed. Our highly experienced finance team can deal with any situation and a low credit score is not a problem. Even if you are car financing with a divorce and bad credit, we will make take the time to make sure all the details of the car deal keep your mind at ease. The future of your credit is important to our company, and we can help car financing with a divorce.

First Time Buyer in Puyallup

Buying a car for a first time buyer in Puyallup is scary.


Unfortunately, the fear has nothing to do with the actual process (which is quite simple), rather it stems from a lack of knowledge and the formidable unknown. Within the next 500 words, this article should help combat that pressure from fear, and show that being a first time buyer in Puyallup is easy.used car

When you begin your journey as a first time buyer in Puyallup and start doing research, the amount of information becomes quickly overwhelming. The best thing you can do at the start is understand three key factors that play into choosing a car.

Number one, this car is for you. Therefore, you must understand your transportation needs. For example, do you have 5 kids? Then you probably want a van. Really the first step is common sense and understanding what kind of vehicle fits your lifestyle.

Number two, Price. Obviously, it would be nice to own that 500k Ferrari as a first time buyer in Puyallup. But in reality, you make under 20$ an hour and that just wont happen, unless you are trying to go bankrupt. You want the price of the used vehicle to be something that you can manage. Know how much you can afford a month with financing and account for the cost. Once again step two is common sense.

Number three, test drive. Most consumers in the car market do not have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to know whether or not the vehicle they are interested in is a lemon. At this point, if you are not a mechanic or car enthusiast of any kind, then you must text drive the used vehicle and use common sense. Do you hear an insanely loud knocking sound? Do not buy that car. Does the used car jostle when shifting between gears? Do not buy that car. Are there lights on the dash? If its anything other than a tire pressure or airbag light, than you must show concern and ask why that light is on.

In conclusion, common sense. Despite your best efforts, common sense and these three key points will guide you to the right vehicle.

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